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Prostavec™, our top pick, was the only product that fulfilled all of our requirements. It’s a prostate support supplement consisting of the most documented natural plant extracts shown to support prostate health. Furthermore, it is a liquid extract that allows for maximum absorption and effectiveness. But there were several things that set Prostavec™ apart from the competition:

They went above and beyond with their formula and included powerful superfoods like Spirulina; a blue-green algae commonly referred to as one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. This is not a cheap addition to a liquid formula, but it told us that the company cared about providing their customers with a holistic approach to health; a product that can boost their overall health as well as their prostate health.

Their website was informative and seemed both customer-centric and optimistic, which was reflected by their dedication to provide 24-hour customer support.

Our only concerns are that they use a liquid formula, and for some, they may find the earthy taste a little off-putting. We did test it and none of us had any problems with it, and it does have a slight honey after taste. The size of the bottle and liquid dropper might be a bit confusing; with two droppers a day, it’s a 24 day supply, but we had to keep in mind that being a liquid formula Prostavec™ is much more concentrated.


Pygeum bark, turmeric root, saw palmetto berry, stinging nettle leaf, hydrangea root, damiana leaf, couchgrass rhizome, olive leaf, kelp, cornsilk, prickly ash bark.

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